Powered by CyberTECH, a global cybersecurity and Internet of Things Community, CyberHive is an incubator and shared workspace for companies building cybersecurity products and services.

Startup companies are critical to the overall innovation ecosystem and barriers must be lowered to allow them to flourish. Through dedicated mentorship, CyberTECH incubator programs have been designed to address the needs of entrepreneurs by providing access to talent, capital, and markets. Our “Strict but Kind” approach redefines how the next generation of technologies will be conceived and commercialized.

The number of interconnected intelligent devices is growing rapidly and results in unprecedented amounts of data that will need to be secured. Powered by CyberTECH, CyberHive is an innovative, shared workspace and incubator program that delivers business and technical mentorship to companies providing cybersecurity and high tech solutions.

Incubator members have priority access to CyberHive’s mentorship network, robust and redundant data connectivity, and access to a vibrant working environment. Companies are intensively mentored as they fine tune their business model, use cases and go to market strategies.

All relevant information about CyberHive can be found on the CyberTECH website by clicking the link below.

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